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In an article published in www.bible.org, author Lehman Strauss states that “God never created man with a so-called "homosexual need." No baby is born a homosexual. Every baby is born male or female.” That’s what I used to believe until recently when I learned about various abnormalities in sex differentiation in my human sexuality class. “Every baby is born male or female” is basically incorrect in a biological sense. In fact, there are well over 70 different types of proven sex-chromosomal problems and many hormonal problems that effectively counter Strauss’s unscientific claim. “Sexual orientation is the result of a complex interaction of environmental, cognitive and biological factors”, genes play the more important role according to many scientific studies (APA.org). Thus, we don’t have much choice but to obey what our DNA dictates us to become what we are heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual. Since sexual orientation is not a conscious choice, our society should not ignore but to accept, respect homosexuality, and our law should not discriminate against those people by taking away their freedom, benefits and rights to pursue happiness in a civil union.

Homosexuality is not an overnight phenomenon, nor is it an invention of the 1980s when the first case of AIDS occurred. Homosexuality has been long existent since the rise of humanity. Ancient Greeks are believed to practice pederasty in which an older man and an adolescent boy are engaged in an intimate relationship. Alexander the Great are known to be interested in young men in addition of women according to many historic records. Moreover, “Many domestic and wild animals engage in sexual activity with members of both the same and the opposite sex”, according to Tina Adler the author of an article titled “Animals’ Fancies” which appeared in the January issues of Science News.

Homosexuality is in animals, most importantly in us human kind thru history, but why is it still generally perceived as morally unacceptable? This situation has several contributing factors. First, many religious and social conservatives believe that the bible prohibits homosexuality thus gays and lesbians alike are sinful, hated by God and should be criminalized. Second, people without any understanding about homosexuality simply think that it is chosen by those who practice it, and those who practice it are mentally ill. Third, it is simply unnatural and abnormal since the vast majority of people are heterosexual. Fourth, Homosexuality is fruitless; procreation is not possible. Fifth, Last but not the least, this group of people does not even bother to think; what is wrong is wrong, no matter what.

It is most likely that the Bible and the scripture that prohibits homosexuality will never change. However, one can not ignore the fact that not everyone is of Christianity; not everyone believes in the Bible. It is simply unrealistic and unpractical to impose the Christian standard to all people, even people of a different religious faith. This point has been similarly expressed and many times resonate as Gregory Koukl the author of the article “Homosexuality: Giving Your Point of View” pointed out “Christians have made some mistakes here focusing on an internal approach--quoting the Bible--rather than using an external approach--finding some means other than Scripture to persuade.”

Is sexual orientation really a free choice? No, it is not a choice. If ever it is a choice, it is not a free choice. It is an unconscious choice, a choice not by our will but a decision mainly based on our genetic makeup’s choosing. According to Steve Goldberg, the author of the article titled “What is normal? – Heredity and Homosexuality” that appeared in the February 1999 issue of the National Review, “homosexuality is, like basic skin color, the result of a physiologically determinative factor.” We can not choose our biological parents. We have no control over the color of our natural skin. We indeed do not freely, consciously choose to become either heterosexual or homosexual or even bisexual. If they can freely choose to which ever sexual orientation they wish, don’t you think they would of course pick heterosexual which is the praised one rather than homosexual which is always the condemned, prohibited, abnormal, unnatural one?

Why is homosexual abnormal and unnatural? Homosexuality is abnormal and unnatural merely because of the number of people who are homosexual is rather small comparing to vast majority of people who are heterosexual. Abnormal and unnatural has always carried the connotation of being bad. People have failed time after time through out history to know that being of minority does not necessarily mean being bad while belonging to the majority does not necessarily make one good or superior. We have to accept and respect the fact that not everyone is exactly the same like us. If everyone is like us, how boring this world would become? Homosexual are not abnormal, they are just different, just like Asians, Caucasians, African Americans and many other various races that are different, different biologically as in the color of their skins, different religiously as in the choosing of their faiths, different linguistically as in the languages they speak, different culturally as in the food they eat and the cloths they wear. As a highly civilized society, we shall not make the same mistakes again to suppress, threaten, and prosecute the homosexual minority as when Hitler ordered to kill all the Jewish people, as when we denied the freedom of the enslaved, as when we denied the rights for women to vote.

Homosexuality is natural since it is not a disease or an metal disorder as in 1973 the American Psychiatric Association confirmed the importance of the new, better designed research and removed homosexuality from the official manual that lists mental and emotional disorders. Also, the small number of people who are homosexuals should not make homosexuality unnatural. Tsunami is a rare phenomenon, its small number of occurrences nor should its devastating effects make it less natural than anything else that occur in nature. Homosexuals are not genetically altered with artificial means. They were born like this. Anything that happens naturally in nature is natural, homosexuals are no exceptions.

It is true that reproduction is not naturally possible for homosexuals. However, the purpose of life, or what life is all about is definitely not just procreations for all of us. There is so much to life besides procreation. On the very first day of school, we were asked by our teachers about who were want to be and what we want to do after we grow up. I don’t remember any of my schoolmates as saying that he or she wanted to be a father or mother, or that they wanted to procreate. If procreation is the sole purpose of life, then how about those couples that can never conceive? How about those people that decided not to have a baby? Are they without the purpose of life? Should they just be equally condemned as we did to homosexual people? Of course not!

This is the advice for the last group of people who just follows whatever anybody else thinks. It’s time to grow up guys and start making your own decisions with reason, logic and rationales. Don’t just follow the convention without thinking. Ask yourself why is homosexual bad? Do a little bit of homework before you ever jump to any conclusions. Bring your self out of the misconceptions about homosexuality and embrace them as who and what they are.

Homosexuality is not a disease. It is not a disorder. It is not a sin. It is not a crime. It is not a free choice. It is natural. It is normal. It needs no change. Why can we just open our heart to embrace this truth? If only you could feel what they really feel inside. If only you could experience what they experience. If only you could have the genes, the DNA, the heredity that they have. Maybe our society would not opposed homosexuality as we did through our time. Unfortunately, this is not going to happen because we may never feel and experience the way they do because according to the American Psychiatric Associations in its position statement approved by their May 2000 assembly, heterosexual can never be converted to homosexual or homosexual be ever converted to heterosexual and any such attempt such as conversion therapy is scientifically incorrect.

Does homosexuality bring great harm to society? The answer is clearly no. Is accepting homosexuality equal to promoting homosexuality? No again. Homosexuality is not a commercial product like a car, cigarette, or beer. It is not a political agenda. It is not marketing model such as a pyramid theme. It is simply a natural phenomenon, an equally qualified sexual orientation as heterosexuality that needs not promotion. It’s not like right after our society finally accepts homosexuality and all of a sudden that everyone will turn gay, and there comes the extinctions of the human race, then the end of the world. I can not stress the point enough that sexual orientation conversion is infeasible. Heterosexuals will be heterosexuals and we will have our children, our children’s children to carry our pride and legacy into the coming century after century. The sun will still burn as the world will still turn and man kind will continue to rule this earth and the world and space beyond. Besides, recent estimates of homosexual prevalence in western countries are as low as 1% according to wikipedia.org. And as of January 1st 2005, the world population has reach 6.4 billion. We will live on.
Homosexuals will not cause harm to society. History has many times proven it. In fact, many homosexual people whether unknown or famous has made great contribution to society, to your country, to our world as a member of the human race. They may have a different sexual orientation than heterosexual people, however this difference does not affect their ability, capacity and effort to bring good to our world. They are just as equally qualified, functional, and efficient as any of us. From Macedonian king Alexander to Russian Mathematician Pavel Alexandrov, from American poet John Ashbery to British choreographer Sir Frederick Ashton, from the New Jersey governor James McGreevey to comedian Ellen DeGeneres, there are painters, philosophers, educators, artists, scientists, medical doctors, warriors, writers, politicians, mathematicians, or simply fathers, mothers, daughters, sons and homosexual people from all walks of life.

All humans are born sexual beings whether young or old, whether big or small, whether gay or straight or even in between. Thus we all have the need to feel belonging to or be intimate with someone. Marriage is simply the union between two people in love. Heterosexual couples who are in love then marry are given a certificate. Heterosexual couple who are not in love can also get a marriage certificate. But why homosexual couple who are truly in love can’t are not allowed to marry by law in most states and counties of the land of the free? If two people are in love, of the legal age, with both consents, their matrimony should be recognized by law regardless of their sexual orientations. Marriage is above love and based on love, sexual orientations should not have anything to do with it. Thus, Marriage certificates should be issued to marrying homosexual couples and they should receive the protection and benefits from marriage by law.

What about their human rights? Yes, they are different from us. They are homosexual however they are human too. They are entitled to every singles rights that heterosexuals have. They have the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They were born homosexual and there’s nothing in this world can change this fact. Just like the heterosexuals that pursue a marriage with a member of the opposite sex, the homosexuals also have the essential needs, natural rights to seek a civil union with a member of the same sex. Their pursuit of happiness does not interfere with ours or is it based on our pain, thus their right to pursuit should not be denied. Their right to happiness should not be criminalized. Their right to live their homosexual lives should be unconditionally returned. Their marriage should not be discriminated but legalized, thus received the same equal protection from the law as with any traditional marriage.


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Paul Huggins
at 9:42am
Dear Sir,

just a brief message, when we were first created by God through Jesus Christ who is God, we were perfect completely perfect as God did say His creation was very good, then when Gods created being Lucifer came on the seen, by Gods permission by the way, thats another study,..Then the human race became infected by sin, and all of Gods creation, every child born from Adam and Eve and born from their children's off spring were born with defected genes, God never intended us to be born with defected genes, but allowed it because He did not make us like robots but with free will, Then the great part is He came to earth as the Man Jesus, and made a way for us to be saved into His eternal kingdom by way of the cross,I know homosexuals who have been saved by their faith in Christ and are now born again believers who are saved, and have repented from homosexuality. which is sin just like any thing else that we do against God with our own and not His crown on i.e. rebellion doing our own thing...hope that help, with Love Paul.
That Guy with the Knife on Aug 10th 2014 3:19pm replied:
And you just brought a Christian message to a thing that doesn't even really focus on Christianity.

Well done.

P.S: I am fully aware I am a douche.
cailin on Nov 18th 2014 5:18pm replied:
Dear people who don't like gay rights, I am well informed that you trust your "faith" in god. I don't know why you do, because its a lost cause, god isn't going to save you when you die. Plus if you think god is so perfect why did he create satan and hell,who are you to tell others they cant be with the one they love, it makes me sick. Why has society currupted us all. Damn these laws, damn the whole human race, because if i or anyone else can't marry the person we love then give me death. I don't want to be in this cruel sick world.
Renee on Dec 9th 2014 12:28am replied:
You should not blame the whole world for choices Christians make. For you to say that Christian's god is not real is disrespectful to their faith just as it is to you when they say being homosexual is wrong. You cannot justify if their religion is wrong or right until you die and that's that. Also keep in mind that not all Christians believe that gay people should not have the same rights as a straight person and there are gay people who are also Christians. Do not blame all Christians for the rights that homosexuals do not have
Liam Taylor
at 11:30pm

I am currently writing an essay about why homosexuality should be accepted for school and this article really helped me out. I Just want to say thanks!
kate mikaelson
at 6:42pm
*sarcastically coughs* how is homosexuality affecting YOU? so if it is prohibited by the bible? are you practicing it? no. then why reprimand it? didn't the same god that told you not to practice homosexuality tell you not to judge? *whispers* hypocrite. if someone is having lesbians sex on you then maybe you whip out your rude ass opinion about the matter but it is NOT affecting you so you should probably not judge or your god might smite you or something.
at 9:03pm
It simply doesn't scientifically follow that there is a "homosexual gene". There is no scientific proof of this assertion. As a mater of fact, it would actually appear to be the exact opposite. If homosexuality were genetically inherited, then it would necessarily follow that it would have been genetically bred out long ago. Homosexuality, by it's own nature, would cause itself to be bred out of the population, not increase as we are seeing. So in reality, it is a learned and practiced behavior, and as such is a "choice".
DM on Jun 9th 2016 5:09pm replied:
What people need to understand is that the Word of God is the ultimate authority for morality and righteous (correct) living. We are all born sinners with a sin nature. You can call that the sinners gene if you want to be scientific about it. It doesn't matter if someone is born a homosexual, or glutton, thief, or coveter (all sins in God's word). Being born a certain way doesn't exclude you from honoring God and following His commands. You're expected by God to reject the desires your genes give you if they lead you into sin.