« How do we, as global citizens, ensure the dignity of people outside our borders? »
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Intercontinental flights, telecommunications, and especially the internet have forevermore changed the way of the world. We no longer have to board ships for weeks to go from one place to the other side of the world. We no longer have to wait for months for letters to arrive from a far away country. We have the power to connect and interact with people from all over the world with just a click of a button. The nations and the people of the world are forevermore bonded by economies, politics and environments to a point where every action that we take can affect the lives of others in our world. Are we merely Americans? Or are we the citizen of the world? Should we be responsible for our actions? Should we act to ensure the dignity of people outside our country?

To answer these questions, let’s take a look at what the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has done for us and our neighboring country Mexico. After the implementation of NAFTA, the maquiladoras industry has skyrocketed in cities near the US border in Mexico with over 3000 assembly plants and factories. In Giudad Juarez along, there are 857 maquiladoras factories that employ 325587 workers who are 75% women and often very young girls. Economic growth is supposed to be a good thing, However it is not the case for the common people of Mexico. NAFTA and the maquiladoras industry have promised to improve and bring the living standard of Mexico closer to US and Canada. However, after 11 years of its implementation, that very promise was never fulfilled. Instead, it brought unplanned migrations, corruptions, crimes, unemployment, and poverty to the overcrowded border cities of Mexico.

From 1989 to present, 320 women had been murdered. Most of them worked in maquiladoras plants, are very young and live in the colonia outskirt of Juarez. What makes these crimes so outrageous is the way they were killed. They were raped, abused, tortured and their dead bodies were mutilated and dumped in the desert to burn under the sun. This has been an on going crime for 16 years, however the true culprit has yet to be found. Life is supposed to be priceless. However in the eyes of the politician who run Juarez, in the eyes of the people who run those maquiladoras plants, lives of the women are just as cheap as their $5 daily salary. Otherwise, those government officials, polices would have made cracking down this crime a top priority. And those managerial people in those maquiladoras would have care more about the safety, well being of their employees by providing more secured transportation, eliminating late night work hours, or even building dormitories to shelter and house those hard working people.

It is a shame to know that 80% of the maquiladoras plants were own and operated by our American companies and cooperations. What happen to human dignity? Aren’t we used to be the democratic government that is the main proponent of human rights in the world? Or are we now the capitalistic country that solely believe in the irresponsible exploitation of human labors?

Every single good that we see today in our market, most of them are manufactured or assembled by hard working people who live outside of our national border, let it be Mexico, China, Philippine or Sri Lanka … etc. We can live happily the way we do in America is in part because of these people in other countries. American companies make great amount of money by investing and building assembly plants in those country. And because of their much lower wages, we are able to buy the manufactured goods we want at a much lower price and we can use the saved money to spend on other finer things in life such as a luxury vacation. Basically, though indirectly, we are living on the fruits of their hard works, sweats, tears, and blood. Don’t you think we should give something back? Don’t you think that we are somehow responsible if not fully accountable for their misfortune?

For cooperate American who benefits the most from the maquiladoras industry and the economic growth in Mexico, please be more responsible and less selfish. Let’s gain profit but not forget to uplift human dignity. Let’s enjoy success while still remember those who worked hard for us. Let’s commit to improve the working conditions of the maquiladoras. For the politicians in Mexico, please just remember that every life is priceless. Those lives of victims of femicide are just as important as yours.
Do you job and commit to stopping this crime your top priority. For the American public that enjoys the low priced foreign assembled goods, Please voice your concerns and pressure our government to exercise its influence to foreign government to regulate the working conditions of American cooperations oversea.

Nations of the world are no longer isolated; instead we are tied together by our politics, economies and environments. As globalization continue to progress, we, nations of the world are even more interdependent to one another. Every action that we take in America affects the lives of the people in other countries. We can no longer consider our self as solely Americans because we have another important roll as global citizens. As global citizen, we must respect the rights and lives of others as if they were our own. We must take responsibilities and continue to promote human dignity in our country and in every other place in the world.

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