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Mon July-28-2008, 12:58:08 PM
I bought a Casio digital camera EX-Z75 back in April. It was a pretty cool camera that has all the feature a non-professional photographer like myself needs. I am really happy with it for its value and quality until one day the battery won’t charged in the charger. You will know when the status light on the charger is blinking instead of being on. I was a little bit upset because I used it for just a few times and the battery already die on me. So I visit the casio website and send an email to their customer service department and tell them exactly what happen.

And here is their reply within 48 hours:

Dear Casio customer

Thank you for contacting Casio America, Inc. I do apologize for the last email, Please contact our Technical support line to obtain a new battery at no cost to you.


Again, I do apologize for the confusion in the last email.

Thank you


So, I call this number 1800-634-1895 on a Monday afternoon around (1:00PM) and the total wait time was like 2 minutes and the whole conversation last 3 to 5 minutes.

The customer representative ask me a few questions, my name, my zipcode, the model number, the problem, the serial number, the vendor, then my address. And she said they will send me my replacement battery at no cost to me in the next couple of days.

I am very pleased with the resolution and I have a great experience with their customer support team. I will give an update on my replacement battery once I recieve it.

Allright, after 3 days of waiting, I finally got my replacement battery from casio at absolutely no cost to me.

And here is the picture of my old and new battery taken with my Casio EX-Z75 Camera (I have also bought two replacement battery from Amazon too).

Casio, you rock!!!