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Sat March-29-2008, 9:13:35 PM
This is my first attempt of writing my own Firefox Extension. What it basically does is to automatically pulls craigslist images and present them as thumbnails next to their corresponding craigslist text links on any craigslist city and category combinations.

It is similar in functionality to the Windows Application CLBrowser that I wrote, except that it is a Firefox browser extension or addon that works on any operating system or platform that supports the Firefox browser.

In CLBrowser, you have the option to save any craigslist ads or posts to a favorites section. In CLPicView, we don't currently have that functionality. I think I will add that in the next release.

It was a fun experience making something with different technologies. I have tried making my first Yahoo Widget for craigslist, my first Windows App for craigslist, my first web counter for craigslist, my first Firefox extension for craigslist. Now, what else?