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Sun October-21-2007, 9:43:19 PM
Craigslist Widget CLUpdater is a Yahoo Widget RSS reader that process the feeds from craigslist in an regular interval specified by the user. It features a picture preview window that other conventional RSS reader lack. If a picture is attached to the original post on craigslist, CLUpdater will fetch that image and put in in the picture preview window.

As of today, CLUpdater supports all the 378 craigslist sites or craigslist cities, and all the 129 categories or sections of craigslist.

It's been downloaded 2600+ times so far, you can check out the stats from the official yahoo widget website.

at 2:24am
We place ads on CL all the time for W/D sales and repairs, only the last few weeks someone is flagging every ad everyone puts up for appliances. Our ads are not even up for 15 minutes before they are flagged. We know it is not CL, because we have written to them. Can your counting website views help us find who the flagger is? Or get CL to make them stop?