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Thu August-16-2007, 12:59:15 AM
I used craigslist a lot and there are many things or functions that are missing from craigslist. That's why I build these tools to help myself to facilitate some of the stuff I do on craigslist.

CLSearch was the first tool that I build which will give your search results with pictures instead of the craigslist text link results. Go check it out at http://www.clcompanion.com. You will love it if you do regular search on the personals, books, eletronics sections. Instead of wasting time browsing thru all the text links return by craigslist search, you can now see the result with the pictures and you save time by having the preview picture and only click on the results you like.

CLBrowse is one of my latest tool that let you browse craigslist with picture previews. It features a favorites section which enables you to save craigslist ads for later viewing. It will also sort all your favorite ads by craigslist category.

You can view the Video Demonstrations here http://www.craigslistcompanion.com/Demo.php