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Sun March-18-2007, 3:10:58 PM
Chen Feng, My best friend is getting married. I am so very happy for him. I've know him for so many year (since 10th grade). We had so many classes together. I really get to know him was thru my global study class(Ms. Chan's class).

I remember Chen Feng and I always got the best grades on every tests in that class. At the time I still don't know who he was. I only know a dude named Chen Feng was always the top guy in the class. And one day after an exam, Chen Feng came to me and introduce himself and he said to me that he wants to see who has a better grade than he has...

From then on, we became friends. And we have serveral other classes together later on and we start hanging out during lunch period at the cafeteria. The last class that we have was our AP Calculus class. We have a great time there with some of our other friends Min Ji, Terry... Then we organized our separate senior trips together with a group of friends. That was really fun memory of high school, of my life. Thank for being with me, being my friends...(Terry, Dai Chen, MinJi, Xiao Min, Chen Feng and many other).

The following is a letter I wrote to him in congratulating him and his marriage.



在这里我衷心地祝贺你和阿嫂在结婚以后的日子里,每一天都健康快乐,幸福美满. 衷心希望你们恩恩爱爱,一团和气,情比金坚,白头偕老.

锋哥在我心中永远是一个幽默,风趣,豪爽,讲义气的汉子. 认识你是我的荣幸,能成为你的好朋友是我的一大快乐. 我相信你一定会成为一个好丈夫,你一定会把快乐带给阿嫂,你们的婚姻一定幸福,你们的家庭一定美满.