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Born and raised in a small city (Tai Shan|台山) in the southeast province (Guang Dong|Canton|广东) of China. I was the eldest of two children in my family. When I was twelve, my family move to (Shen Zhen|深圳). I spent three years in that beautiful city and left for America. My first stop in America is New York city. I spent four memorable high school years in the big apple and left for college in California. And I have been living, learning, working in California ever since.

All my life, I have been a technical kind of person. When I was a kid, I enjoyed breaking my toy by parts, then put them back together, and keep repeating the process, just trying to understand how the mini mechanical system works inside my toys. I always wanted to be a scientist, an engineer. And that was exactly what I would reply to my teacher when I was asked upon the question “what do you want to become when you grow up?”.

My interest and love for computer science started with my first AP C++ class in high school back in 1997. I still remembered the exitement when I see my first program printed “Hello World” on the DOS console. It was simple yet It made me feel like I had the world right in my hands. Lines and lines of codes and many many programs and websites later, here I am today as a web developer. The sense of success when I see my codes goes live and used by many people is what motivates me. It keeps me going and learning new technology and new things each and everyday.