« ViewSonic N3752W 37″ LCD TV from OnSale.Com »
Tue October-21-2008, 10:50:18 AM
I recently bought a brand new ViewSonic N3752W 37″ LCD TV from OnSale.Com and unfortunately the TV arrived defective. The problem, there was no video and image, only audio on my TV. I have waited for a whole week before UPS deliver my TV and I am a little disappointed that OnSale send me a defective TV. So, the first thing I do was to get some contact infos from their website.

So, I called their customer service department and tell them the problem and they gave me another number to call their tech/repair department. I called their tech and gave them detailed information of the problem of the TV and they noted on my order record on their database and ask me to call their customer service department. And I called and they send me a prepaid UPS label to return the bad TV.

So, I waited for 2 additional weeks for the refund, but they did not refund the shipping. So, I emailed the customer representative (Luna) who handles my case. And she was able to help me get a completely refund.

It was definately not a fun process to get a bad TV, have to call different OnSale.com departments, then wait for refund. But I am glad that I was able to get my full refund.